If ever there’s been a timeless showpiece of fashion, it
must be the swimsuit. Peddle back through the years; it’s
amazing how this one item has changed so little, with
styles often taking steps back, rather than trying to leap forward.

It’s this sense of nostalgia which makes the best swimsuits
so enjoyable to put on; it’s almost like wearing a memory
of times past. And it’s for this reason Nathanial has
dedicated his life to the art of swimwear design.

A person who prizes bygone eras, he likes to revisit
timeless elegance but re-imagine it with a modern
twist - yet always staying faithful to the original.
He pays ultimate respect to prized summer designs —
and he creates distinct creations that people
the world over will forever enjoy.

He leaves you to create the summer memories; then
revisit them over and over.

A blessing that's only possible through Nathaniel’s
dedication to design.